Thanks so much for the invaluable insights! Absolutely packed with value!

Having started writing in earnest for the past 2/3 months, I have just now been accepted into 2 content platforms, having honed my skills on Medium (c75 articles published to date).

I find these platforms are useful to practice, prove your content is of professional-standard and that you can be reliable with deadlines. However, rates tend to be low: $50 to £100 for 1,000-2,000 words.

One even offered me to flat out produce 8 articles a day - which would take me the entire day - but with the above rate it would never make any financial sense.

I'm planning to use the above to get more experience, and enhance my portfolio alongside Medium. And hopefully over time be able to negotiate rates with those platforms, though their model seems pretty static in that regards.

I'll also try direct pitching via my own Upwork account, LinkedIn outreach, etc.

Thanks agin!


Business Consultant, Project Manager, Investor. Top writer in 💰Investing, 💵Finance and 🦄Entrepreneurship.

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