I am SICK of all these unethical marketing hacks people resort to these days.

Trying to sell a $3,000 course teaching you how to achieve “financial freedom” by shipping $0.50 fishing lures from Alibaba…

All these “live” webinars where people are encouraged to post questions, which are obviously pre-recorded and have been playing on auto-pilot for months or years…

All these dubious calls-to-action, with timers and pressurizing messages (“You have 60 seconds to make a choice!”…“Once you leave this page, it’s GONE FOREVER!!”)…when refreshing the page resets the time to zero, or brings up the very same offer a week, a month, heck a year later.

If you have a genuine offer that adds value to people's lives, why are you using all these deceitful tricks to lure them in?

Don’t you think people can tell?

Time for ethical Marketing. Time to stop this crap. Seriously.

Business Consultant, Project Manager, Investor. Top writer in 💰Investing, 💵Finance and 🦄Entrepreneurship.

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