Are you a hyperrealist with your goals?

Do you truly understand what is involved? Are you clear on what it’ll take to achieve them?

Importantly, are you able and willing to match your actions with those ambitions of yours? To do the work, whatever it takes to get there?

If you are either not clear on the first question, or cannot give a straight answer to the second — you are fooling yourself.

The point is, you need to embrace your current reality to be able to deal with it. And eventually transform it, through hard work and dedication.

Align your goals with your values. Do your goals reflect who you truly are? Or are you merely going after what people around you, society or the media tell you to?

Big Dreams YOU have chosen + Realism (knowledge of what is involved and what you can put in) = Accomplishment

Business Consultant, Project Manager, Investor. Top writer in 💰Investing, 💵Finance and 🦄Entrepreneurship.

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