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Management Consultant & Project Manager turned Content Writer. French🥐Espresso lover☕ Part of, the NFT marketplace.
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BitClout is a revolutionary new network that combines a social platform and a payment gateway. It lets you invest in anyone’s reputation and have your own coin others can buy too.

While BitClout offers huge potential for its users, starting on the platform can feel like slashing your way through…

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I was super skeptical about BitClout at first. I came across a video from a YouTuber I trusted, who claimed it was a straight-up scam. Luckily, I decided to give it a go and see for myself.

What I found was a revolutionary platform that could transform the creator-fan relationship…

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I’ve gone down down the BitClout rabbit hole for the past few days. Some say it’s the future of social media and more; some say it’s a scam. It’s exciting to watch and the growth is insane.

The platform is worth over $1 billion only a few months in.


Image by the author — we walked on fire…

“If you want to take the island, you need to burn the boats.” — Tony Robbins.

Sometimes scams are hidden in plain sight. That goes for the self-help world, too.

A few years back, my fiancée surprised me: she got us both tickets to Tony Robbins’ flagship event, Unleash The…

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Back in 2015, Nerdy Nuts was a small business run out of South Dakota that no one was paying attention to.

Fast forward 18 months, and it had grown into a $500k per month operation.

When I saw these numbers my jaw dropped below ground level.

How did they do…

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Some gurus are more scrupulous than others. Most aren’t — including those you look up to.

Whether they’re your favorite blogger, online marketing genius, or YouTube day trader, they all use the same tactics to maximize sales.

I dialed into a top online writer’s live stream yesterday. She was promoting…

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Michael Winkelmann, known as Beeple, rose to fame when his “Everydays” artwork sold for $69m earlier this year.

It’s easy to look at these numbers and think: “overnight success”. But there’s a lot more to it than meets the eye.

Here’s what you can learn from Beeple’s creative process to…

Melon marketing material

A lot of focus in the world of NFTs has gone to digital art and collectibles. Yet, the potential of NFTs is much broader: they could transform the creator economy for good.

For the first time ever, NFTs allow creators to repurpose their social content into rare NFTs.

This means…

Source: the Golden Voyager Party whitepaper

I finally did it. I’ve been cautiously watching the NFT space for a year or two, sitting on the sidelines. I put in my 50 hours of research and recently found a project to buy into.

Here’s how it went down and what to look out for.

Recap: What Are NFTs?

Non-Fungible Tokens, or…

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NFTs are falling from the sky. Everywhere you look, you see the same headlines. Collectors are dishing out crazy amounts of money on digital memes and 3D animations. The mania shows no sign of slowing down, either. Recently, a rare pixelated punk avatar went on sale for…$90.5 million.

It’s hard…

Clément Bourcart

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